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A Near Perfect Investment

What makes a near perfect investment? Typically an investor is looking for three things in a quality investment that has a low-cost of entry. I’ve added two other criteria to look for in a near perfect investment.

1. Growth – that the investment can provide growth beyond what the investor has put into the investment.

2. Income – that the investment can provide additional income such as a dividend or some type of residual income beyond the growth.

3. Tax benefits – that the investment has a tax benefit to owning it.

4. The investment needs to avoid losses and to guarantee profit.

5. Some people may add that the investment should be leveraged and offer protection, as well.

I believe I found my near perfect investment with an auto-profit program.

What candidates are there for comparison?

Real Estate is usually considered a near perfect investment but it first needs to be rental property. Two of its other major downfalls is that it usually takes a substantial dollar investment to participate and you typically need to have an attorney review your investment.

Stocks and Bonds are also considered a near perfect but just like real estate you can also have unexpected losses.

Life Insurance especially Variable Life Insurance(VUL) may be considered one of the top candidates for the near perfect investment. Term Life Insurance would be ruled out because it does not offer growth or income for the living. The one place VUL seems to fall short is that the investment cash values are not guaranteed. If you buy anything other than VUL then you don’t get the growth potential. If the insurance companies can guarantee the cash values from losses, especially the way they can with annuities, then you may have a good candidate for the Near Perfect Investment.

Owning keywords is where the individual does buy and sell keywords. You can get growth, income and tax benefits. There is a low start-up cost, typically only $20. Although you do not get losses when selling keywords, you do not get a guarantee of profit. So when Kooday stopped working you were out of luck and money.

What Makes A Near Perfect Investment?

To start the Guarantee to make a profit has to be what sets this auto profit program apart from all the rest. You can get growth income and tax benefits from just participating in the auto profit program. The product is the program in which people are looking for an investment or business that can bring a substantial automatic residual income. It’s in high demand and short supply. I haven’t seen any like it.

With the auto profit program there is nothing to learn. There are no giant lists required. There is no “pay-per-click” required for website traffic. In fact, there is NO TRAFFIC REQUIRED.

With the auto profit program, nothing is required – other than your Undivided attention to the Opportunity video. Pay attention; this is world’s second TRULY PASSIVE Income Creating System!

This is one Near Perfect Investment that you truly can “Set and Forget”.